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Beg HN: Stop Being So Condescending 12 years ago

I have a simple request: when you have the urge to post a comment like "oh, it's so quaint that you/people/the public thinks thing x, they're so short sighted and stupid not to see that it's y" pause and reconsider.

Presumably you're on Hacker News because you either want to build things that a lot of people will use and love or you're interested in people who do. Demeaning rather than attempting to understand then inform people who don't see the world the same way as you is antithetical to that cause.

So please stop. It makes me sad.

Feel free to tweet at me or comment on Hacker News if you think I'm being ridiculous and uninformed

(EDIT: this has been thrown off the front page of HN for whatever reason. I'm guessing the admins thought it was upvote bait or fluff, which I can understand. Probably the best possible result so that some people saw it to think about but then didn't clog up the front page, keeping more interesting content off)