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This is why you ship 12 years ago

When my company decided to make an iOS game, we all agreed it would be a good idea for us to work on. We agreed on the concept, agreed on the title, agreed on the logo, agreed on the font. We agreed. So we built it. It was hard.

Then we began disagreeing. Should we focus on making it simple for kids? Making it social? We couldn't agree, so we built both. But which do we ship? Which is first? It paralyzed us. We didn't ship for over a month. I personally believed we needed to ship the game as a social game, as did most of us, but we couldn't get everyone on board. So those of us who believed in the social track did a hard thing: we gave up, and we said "fucking ship it".

And we shipped it.

It was named one of the best apps of the day by (a huge site) and is being reviewed by others as I write this. It's the #18 paid educational game on the App Store after one day, and moving up fast. Everyone we talk to loves the social direction we built and it has the potential to make the game viral, but now instead of starting from 0 we'll have thousands of users to test it on and distribute it to.

Always ship. Always. Fucking. Ship. God damnit, SHIP YOUR CODE ALREADY!

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